Peace Elements

A place of peace, to learn about peace, to celebrate peace

North Valley Friends’ vision for the walking path has always been about more than exercise. This is one way we as a church hope to influence ourselves and our community toward a culture of peace.

Click to download a Self-guided Tour Booklet to take with you as you walk the trail.


Created to teach both individuals and groups about peace, the trail offers:

  • Opportunities for learning more about peace and reconciliation.
  • Encouragement to explore how individuals can foster and contribute positively to the world around them.
  • Places for prayer and solitude.

Specific elements include:

  • Peace poles at various locations along the trail, stating,”May peace prevail on Earth” in a number of languages.
  • Prayer flags fly during specific times to draw our attention to the need for community action and prayer.
  • A labyrinth that can help us each focus on peace within.